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The World Under Water
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The World Under Water

How Would Your City Look When Submerged In Water?

Singapore-based BBDO Proximity and CarbonStory, a company that creates a crowd funding platform for climate change projects, has created a digital campaign that allows you to visualize your home, workplace, and city under water.
This digital campaign launched for World Environment Day and wants to raise awareness of the catastrophic effects of climate change.

On its microsite users can enter their location through Google Street View, and view how it would look like under water.

Co-founder of CarbonStory, Andreas Birnik, says “Over the years there has been a lot of talk about climate change but sadly not enough action. The World Under Water Campaign has been designed not just to increase awareness about climate change but also to give people a platform to take action to create a better future”. To try it out for yourself, visit the site here.

Watch how the site is used in the video below :

the world under water feel desain1

the world under water feel desain2

the world under water feel desain3

the world under water feel desain4

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