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The HELLO House | OOF! Architecture
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The HELLO House | OOF! Architecture

Sometimes you’d like to be able to greet all your neighbours, but don’t always have the time to do so. The Hello House in Melbourne, Australia – renovated and redesigned by OOF! Architecture – has got it covered. The home (which used to be a shop) is a two-bed Victorian-era house, which has been transformed with a brick skin which features the word “HELLO” in huge letters. Writing words on the exterior of your home in bricks could look garish, but the all-white exterior actually looks friendly and cute, rather than excessively loud. The house’s interior is perfect for modern living, minimal and modest, and able to transform into a cosy hideaway in the winter months, or open up into an airy space in the summer. Check out the photos below.

HelloHouse_feeldesain_01 HelloHouse_feeldesain_02 HelloHouse_feeldesain_03 HelloHouse_feeldesain_04 HelloHouse_feeldesain_05 HelloHouse_feeldesain_06 HelloHouse_feeldesain_07 HelloHouse_feeldesain_08 HelloHouse_feeldesain_09 HelloHouse_feeldesain_10 Print

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