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Bastard Store / studiometrico

Italian practice studiometrico shared with us how they converted an old cinema in Milan, into the new Bastard flagship store, which also includes a suspended bowl and offices for Comvert. Skateboarders dreamed place to work. The Clients Founded in Milan in 1994 by...

Street Art Collection

Artist Mentalgassi brings the streets to life with human images on city buildings and objects. If anyone ever thought the streets were cold, maybe his art will warm it up with it’s personal human touch. MORE STREET ART & GRAFFITI...

Urban Art

A strage mix of paint, wallpaper and pieces of magazines: URBAN ART by Mario Corea Aiello, an Creative Illustrator from Spain. MORE STREET & URBAN ART HERE! MORE STREET & URBAN ART HERE! MORE STREET & URBAN ART HERE!


Graffiti artist MTO has a characteristic illustration style, i.e. keeping the majority of the image in greyscale and then highlighting parts in fluorescent orange, pink or red. Top: Photo by Thierry63. Top: Photo by Thierry63. [ via designyoutrust ]

Sprite limited edition Brazil

Il marchio Sprite dal Brasile porta un’idea molto usata, ma con un tocco diverso. Non è raro dei brands di tanto in tanto di offrire ai loro consumatori di  progettare  lattine o confezioni, come abbiamo visto con Pepsi per esempio,...

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