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Layered Paper Illustrations | Jotaka
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Layered Paper Illustrations | Jotaka

Jotaka, Juan Carlos to his friends, is a Spanish artist and illustrator from Valencia. Amongst other things, he creates these fun paper craft illustrations which use various layers of paper. His characters are friendly and fun, and are all in his own unique style.  If you like, you can follow him on Instagram here.

Images: Jotaka via Creative Boom

jotaka_feeldesain_01 jotaka_feeldesain_02 jotaka_feeldesain_03 jotaka_feeldesain_04 jotaka_feeldesain_05 jotaka_feeldesain_06 jotaka_feeldesain_07 jotaka_feeldesain_08 jotaka_feeldesain_09 jotaka_feeldesain_10 jotaka_feeldesain_11

Find more of Juan Carlos’s work on Or follow him on Instagram for plenty of daily inspiration.

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