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Failure To Not Forget Is Four-handed Photographic-pictorial Project

photo pictorial project

“Failure To Not Forget” is a photographic-pictorial project by Iamonte twin sisters.

The project was born by chance in 2013 as a form of connection and experimentation between themselves, mixing their creativity and everyday life. Through film photography they documented their life: friends, travels, landscapes, houses, buildings, views, intimate moments of sharing, all stories of a journey of growth that takes the photographic form of “album of memories” and that it is re-elaborated through the medium of oil painting, intentionally recreating a utopian world, which allows to free the imagination and to express ourselves.

Simona Iamonte also known as Andy McFly is a painter and freelance illustrator, while her sister Sabrina Iamonte is architecture student and analogue photographer from in Turin, Italy.

“Failure To Not Forget” was chosen in order to give new life to the photos that Sabrina discarded from her portfolio and was
called only “Failure” intended as photographic failures that needed new life thanks to painting. Since 2016, the project has been resumed with a more aware mentality and with the desire to bring the process and quality to another level. That’s why they decided to expand the name by adding “To Not Forget” that specifies the theme, towards the idea of something lived and memory.

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