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European designers united
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Maison Élémentaire selects and promotes European designers and makers who design sustainable objects, allowing each of us to create an interior that fits our values.

More than objects. Stories to tell.

Behind each of these objects, there are women, men and sometimes forgotten savoir-faire.

The project wants to give meaning to decoration purchases by letting everyone know the story behind the object that they hold in their hands.

Designers and makers are all from the European Union.

All items are hand-crafted or made through semi-industrial production process.

The concept is transparency, sustainability and location.

The materials used for the creation of the objects are sustainable and their origin is always clear. We can thus be sure of the entire production chain, choosing to support local craftsmen.

The products are in fact made, for example, with 3D printed vegetable plastic, porcelain, recycled plastic, glass, or terracotta, all from the European Union.

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