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Eco Kitchen of the Future from FALTAZI // EKOKOOK
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Eco Kitchen of the Future from FALTAZI // EKOKOOK

Ultra-modern, futuristic and shoking eco-friendly design of kitchen Ekokook were offered by French company Faltazi. According with the authors the usage of such “green” systems allow to improve the health of their users, the microclimate inside the house and the ecological environment on the planet as a whole. Kitchen is the most active “producer” of garbage and wastes in the house, so the minimalist design of Ekokook, exept innovative machines for kitchen, provides powerful systems of cleaning, filtration and waste managment. In corp of kitchen were built-in special mechanisms with such unusual elements as a steel ball for grinding broken glass, cutter for waste paper which is forming them into pellets, as well as a mechanism to squeeze the various cans and plastic bottles. Built-in mechanism of recycling distributes used, cleaned and assembled in a special jugs water for plants, which are integrated into the unusual kitchen design, or for cooking in a double boiler. The authors of the eco-kitchen say that due to a distribution there is an extra save of 15 liters of water per day. And now – the promised shock! Organic waste is processed by very real earthworms! There is continuously rotating drum in the third compartment, which helps worms to uniformly processed perishable organic waste. After three months of such treatment, waste turned into fertilizer for all of the same plants, accumulating in the small drawers, located under the drum.

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