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Conceptual Installations With Artistic Symbolism By Icy And Sot

Iranian artist siblings Icy And Sot create conceptual installations with artistic symbolism. Their works transcend their own experience of artistic censorship, to portray a range of political, social justice, and human rights issues. The Brooklyn-based artists, who sought political asylum in America from their native hometown of Tabriz in 2012, use public…

Imaginary Installations That Play With Perception

In the series Pseudo Documentation David DiMichele plays a game with his audience about the perception and reality of installations. He creates huge imaginary installations in which objects are set giving the illusion of large space. The scenes are actually miniature constructions of an installation created by the artist’s intricate…

Milano Design Week 2018: Exhibitions and Installations You Cannot Miss

From April 17th to 22th, 2018, Milan will step onto the international stage for the Milan Design Week, known as the “Fuorisalone”. During the event, former industrial spaces, historic buildings usually closed to the public, hidden courtyards, artisan workshops and fashion showrooms go beyond the concept of background and interact with their…

Memory Lapses | Temporary installations linked to strong memories

Memory Lapses are temporary installations linked to strong memories realized by the photographer François Ollivier . In a series that revisits places heavy with nostalgia, the Montreal-based artist, constructs sculptures that erase themselves through the flash of his camera. By overexposing reflective material in the process, data becomes absent from the digital file,…

Neuroscience-inspired installations at the Shiseido Ginza building

Tokyo-based design studio, WOW inc., has designed a visual installation series for the Shiseido Ginza building in Tokyo. The series comprises three pieces based on the concept of neuroscience: “Neuro Surge”, “Interactive Wall”, and “Product Room”. Each installation is intended to create a dynamic interaction between the product and visitors…

Lucas Zanotto’s installations are watching you

EYES is a short film by Lucas Zanotto. It showcases several kinetic sculptures both built and filmed by the Helsinki-based director. Each installation is composed of simple parts that subtly imitate an action associated with one’s eyes. In one piece, two transparent globes slowly leak streams of water onto the floor below.…

Geometric Light Installations

As part of his project La Línea Roja, Paris-based photographer Nicolas Rivals constructed bright red light configurations installed outdoors while on a trip through Spain. Each temporary piece was captured in a series of long-exposure shots that reveal an unusual juxtaposition between fabricated objects and the natural world. You can see more from…

Pothole Installations | Jim Bachor

Jim Bachor‘s passion involves turning potholes into real street art. His inspiration came while working on an archeological dig in Pompeii, Italy, where he noticed the importance of mosaics of everyday life in the ancient world. He’s chosen to leave his own mark on the world, specifically on the streets of…

Mirror Installations | Shirin Abedinirad

These mirror installations are by Shirin Abedinirad, an Iranian artist who splits her time between Tehran, Iran, and Florence, Italy. Through her art, Abedinirad often explores complex issues related to humankind, in the case of her mirror work, the focus is on the relationship between the human mind and elements…

Object Installations | Nicola Yeoman

Nicola Yeoman plays with perspective as well as using unusual objects in very particular spaces in order to create intriguing object installations. The British artist and set designer, who never studied art, grew up making dens in her childhood home in Yorkshire out of whatever she could get her hands on, and…

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