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8 QUESTIONS WITH Rodolfo Gaffino Rossi • Museo dell’automobile
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In March, Feel Desain had the great pleasure of meeting the Director of The Automobile Museum in Torino. We went there with the intention to interview Rodolfo Gaffino Rossi for our segment called “8 Questions With”.
We thought we would ask 8 questions, get some insight on the museum and provide our readers with an interesting interview.

In the end we received much more. Not only did we learn about the museum, but we learned about a fascinating man, who has a rich background in the automobile industry. For every automobile he had a personal story that followed, for every design he had a story about the designer. We also had the distinct pleasure of seeing his personal book filled with images, original sketches and personal messages from some of the most influential people in the automobile industry. It was like being transported back and forth in time. A trull memorable couple of hours. My personal opinion: Everybody should have this much enthusiasm when telling a story.

1. Do you prefer cruising or sport automobiles?  

I like them all, but there is something about a sports car that can’t be replicated. It’s just a feels like driving.
2. What is the most iconic car? 

I have a strong appreciation for the Mercedes brand. The are very reliable and build great cars. For example, just hearing the sound of a door closing is impressive, you realize how solid they are. Of course BMW and Audi are also iconic, high quality and great designs as well.

3. What is the most popular car in the museum?

The 155, the Itala which was built for the Queen. The Ecobasi Hybrid car, which was build from recycled material..Thats’ very popular as well.



4. What’s the fastest you have driven in a car? 

In 1989 I drove a Ferrari F40 on the Torino – Piacenza highway at around 340 km per hour…. 700 horse power.

5. What’s your favorite motor sport event? 

I like F1 and Moto GP. Once I walked around the track with Senna. That was a very memorable experience. He used to walk around to better understand the track. He was a one of a kind.

6. In your opinion, what generation built the best automobiles? 

Between the 1920’s – 1930’s, the war generated new engineers with new ideas and new projects, new shapes. It was a big leap for the automobile industry.

7. Something new that museum visitors can look forward to? 

The great thing about this museum, it’s that it’s not just about seeing beautiful cars, but it’s about history beyond the automobile industry. You can look at a car from the 1920’s and see great progress, learn about the people who lived in that era and how the automobile changed the world.

8. What kind of car do you drive? 

I drive an Audi Q5, at my age I was looking for something easy to get in to! But when I am in the city its easy to get in and our with a nice Fiat Panda – it’s built really well.

Your special message for Feel Desain readers? 

The museum offers a great experience for everyone and Torino is an international city that has changed in a very positive way. Come see for yourself a piece of history with substance.








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