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Yoga photograms highlighting the human body’s poised postures

Husband and wife artistic duo Rob and Nick Carter pay homage to the holistic eastern practice of yoga through a series of images.  “Yoga photograms” are presented from now through November 25, 2017 at London’s RN at 5A — a new central London exhibition and studio space launched by the artists.

Shooting a range of traditional sanskrit postures, the photograms — images made by placing objects directly onto a light-sensitive surface — depict life-size female forms engaging in the meditative art. The project explores both the experiential nature of each position, as well as the technical transformation of the visual image.

Eight photograms highlight the postures and bodies in hauntingly beautiful forms, each non-manipulated by computer programs. The images are a result of the weight and direction of the model’s movement across the light in the darkroom and the photographic paper — an unpredictable process. Rob and Nick Carter are continually expanding the boundaries of their practice, reinterpreting compelling subject matters in exciting and innovative ways.


Photography by  Rob and Nick Carter