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Clever Artist Tom Bob Is Transforming NYC’s Streets into One Giant Playground

American artist Tom Bob is running loose in the streets of New York, and let’s hope nobody catches him.

If you’re a fan of famous street artist OakOak, you’ll love Tom Bob’s work, as he uses forgotten elements of the street to create whimsical artwork.

Whether it’s turning electric meters into monkeys and lobsters or a sewer drain into Blinky (the red ghost from Pac-Man), Tom Bob pushes us to see new, fun possibilities in public spaces. It’s impossible to look at his work without a smile, and a glance at some before and after images shows just how much the art installations transform the space.

Even when he focuses in on one element, it’s incredible to see how it can morph according to his fantasy. For instance, under his watchful eye, a manhole cover becomes a frying pan, Oreo cookie, compass, a squashed turtle, and an escape route for a crocodile. His imagination has no bounds!

Artist Tom Bob has been running around the streets of New York and Massachusetts, installing his clever street art on common elements in the urban landscape.



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