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This Amazing Bike Can Fold Up Into A Backpack
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This Amazing Bike Can Fold Up Into A Backpack

This ultra-simple and ultra-cool bicycle can be quickly assembled and reassembled making it the perfect companion for any kind of traveling you may do. It’s good looking, rides well, and (supposedly) is a lot easier to put together than your average piece of furniture from IKEA. Designed by Lucid, they won a bunch of industry awards because of this bicycle and are figuring out ways to put this bad boy into mass production. As soon as that drops, we’ll let you know. In the mean time, you can drool over the photos below…
slide_kitbike_feeldesain_2 slide_kitbike_feeldesain_3 slide_kitbike_feeldesain_4 slide_kitbike_feeldesain_5 slide_kitbike_feeldesain_6 slide_kitbike_feeldesain_7 slide_kitbike_feeldesain_8 slide_kitbike_feeldesain_9

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