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Think Invisible | Posters Using Negative Space
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Think Invisible | Posters Using Negative Space

Artists Adri Bodor and Mark Szulyovszky created this series called Think Invisible, where viewers really have to put their thinking caps on. Each poster is a solid block of color that reveals just bits of a pop culture-based hidden image. Drawing on every bit of imagination possible, viewers are put to the test to decode each challenging design.

Depending on how good you are at pop culture and seeing negative space, the artists created two versions of Think Invisible. One set of posters includes a first-and-last-letter hint at the bottom of the design, while the “For the Pros” set leaves you on your own to decode the details.

The website says, “It is not the magic that lets you recognize the whole design, but your mind. This tricky illusion of the contours intentionally shows important details, and hides all the rest. Since what matters is invisible.”

*You can find the answers at the bottom of this post.


*Answers: 1. Yoda; 2. Bart Simpson; 3. Abbey Road; 4. Lego; 5. Angry Birds; 6. Scooby Doo; 7. Titanic; 8. C3P0; 9. Shrek; 10. Winnie the Pooh; 11. Coca Cola; 12. Sherlock Holms; 13. Chaplin; 14. Bugs Bunny; 15. E.T.

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