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The WAS Project | Hanyang University
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The WAS Project | Hanyang University

Students from Hanyang University, Seoul presented another of our Salone Satellite highlights: the WAS Project (Waste As Source). As you know by now, we’re all about cycling and upcycling, particularly when the two are combined, so of course this project, a collection of furniture designs made from reclaimed bicycle parts, was right up our alley. Three teams of students worked on decorative items of furniture, all of which were made by converting waste materials or useless products into something new and of better quality, but which still had features of the old product within its new identity. The collection included a lamp constructed without welding, a”flower” chair series using bicycle seats to remind users of petals, and a minimal lighting fixture which reminded us of an old-fashioned globe. Check out the images below to see the whole collection.

P1_RGB WASproject_feeldesain_02 WASproject_feeldesain_03 WASproject_feeldesain_04WASproject_feeldesain_05 WASproject_feeldesain_06 WASproject_feeldesain_07WASproject_feeldesain_08 WASproject_feeldesain_09 WASproject_feeldesain_10 WASproject_feeldesain_11

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