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The “Hands On” exhibition at the Melbourne’s NVG Kids Gallery

The “Hands On” exhibition at the Melbourne’s NVG Kids Gallery consists of 6 new art works and 5 interactive installations.

Created  by We Make Carpets, the project transform the space into an interactive jorurney where young visitors can contribute to the exhibition. “Children can arrange tangram shapes to create a new floor piece; make dashes of color with rope on the wall; color match a mural of pegs with pool noodles; and play with color and shape using velcro swatches” says the museum.

Dutch design studio We Make Carpets doesn’t make carpets, or at least not the ones you’re thinking about. Laying their creations on the floor, the trio—who works with everyday materials like plastic forks, kitchen sponges, matches and balloons—is now taking the carpets to the walls of melbourne’s NGV kids gallery for the ‘hands on’ exhibition.

“While making art we reply on a hands-on approach – working with the materials that you have in your hands – trying and failing until finally something beautiful emerges. We believe the images in your head are more important than the things already known. it is fantasy that creates, not facts. We hope your arrangements of objects offer new perspectives on modern life.” says the We Make Carpets team.

Photography by We Make Carpets