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The Concept Kitchen 2025 | IKEA
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The Concept Kitchen 2025 | IKEA

One pop-up exhibit running alongside this year’s Milan Expo is this, the Concept Kitchen 2025, a collaboration between IKEA, IDEO, the Eindhoven University of Technology, and the Ingvar Kamprad Design Center at Lund University, which took 18 months to complete. As the name suggests, the Concept Kitchen 2025 shows us how different our kitchens are likely to be ten years from now. The exhibit shows how people’s relationship with food and sustainability is changing, and particularly highlights people’s changing attitude towards wastefulness.


According to the creators of the exhibit, kitchens in 2025 will not be fully automated and robotic, but will “facilitate mindfulness with embedded cues throughout the kitchen that subtly guide people toward being conscious of their actions and making informed decisions”. As such, the fridge is predicted to disappear, replaced by individual containers on cooled shelves, saving energy and ensuring you can see what’s on hand before buying too much at the shops. The Table For Living replaces a table, cooker, and iPad – a camera recognises ingredients and suggests recipes to avoid throwing away food which is going bad, hidden induction coils allow you to cook, and then you can eat on the very same surface. The sink, too, is smart – filtering safe water for use in the dishwasher or for the plants, and throwing away toxic water which can’t be used for such purposes. Rubbish is all manually sorted before being crushed, vacuum packed and labeled for pickup.


See some images below, and find out more about the Concept Kitchen here.

IkeaKitchen_feeldesain_01 IkeaKitchen_feeldesain_02 IkeaKitchen_feeldesain_03 IkeaKitchen_feeldesain_04 IkeaKitchen_feeldesain_05 IkeaKitchen_feeldesain_06 IkeaKitchen_feeldesain_07 IkeaKitchen_feeldesain_08 IkeaKitchen_feeldesain_09

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