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The Chuck II | Converse

Converse has introduced a shiny new version of its iconic shoe for the first time in almost a hundred years. Say hello to the Chuck Taylor All-Stars sneaker. The Chuck II looks, well, basically the same as the original, but Converse have thought about how to make this model better. There’s a new sockliner which is bouncy, foamy and sporty, and a padded and non-slip tongue (so no more wrestling it out from under your laces). There’s also a perforated suede liner, and the shoes promise to be more breathable and more comfy than ever before. Chuck IIs are available in Black, Red, Blue, and White, and cost $15 more than the original version. Learn more here, and see some images below.

Converse_feeldesain_01 Converse_feeldesain_02 Converse_feeldesain_03 Converse_feeldesain_04 Converse_feeldesain_05 Converse_feeldesain_06 Converse_feeldesain_07 Converse_feeldesain_08 Converse_feeldesain_09 Converse_feeldesain_10 Converse_feeldesain_11

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