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Colonia, the product made from rosin and melamine sponge

Colonia, the product made from rosin and melamine sponge and designed by Yosuke Matsushita, is a series of unique trinket boxes boasting a textured glass-like surface. To form each colorful cartridge Matsushita adds paint to melted resin and then places a piece of melamine sponge in the liquid. He then turns the sponge until the…

The Fikra Tables by Ammar Kalo

The Fikra Tables by Ammar Kalo demonstrate the perfect balance between natural and manmade materials, embracing visual heaviness and experimenting with recycled rubber crumb.  Commissioned by Fikra Campus, a multi-use space in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, that comprises a design studio, a co-working space, a café, a design library and…

Design objects with wireless-charging technology by Pesi

This series of design objects with wireless-charging technology, created by PESI, charges your electronic goods. Together with Samsung, the Seoul-based studio has created “Composition” a series of thoughtful objects that combine a built-in battery at their base —  enabling them to exist more as design pieces that blend in with the home,…

Nuovi modelli, stessa filosofia: #BeAnartist con Etnia Barcelona

Si ispira all’arte classica la campagna Be Anartist 2 con cui il brand Etnia Barcelona presenta i nuovi modelli di occhiali delle collezioni Vintage e Original. La creatività della campagna è stata affidata ancora una volta al fotografo Biel Capllonch, un autentico “Anartist” per la sua estetica trasgressiva e i…

So-Sage lighting series designed by Sam Baron

This unique suspension lights collection created for Petite Friture by Sam Baron, are named ‘SO-sage’. The pendant lights have been designed so that they look like glass sausages that hang from the ceiling, much like they would in a traditional butcher shop. There are six different shapes and each one is shaped after a different…

Hanging Paintings, a series of experimental painting

Tadao Cern created a series of experimental hanging paintings that have nothing to do with paint at all. These delicate structure, called “Hanging Paintings”, consists of brand new garments and scraps of material that are arranged, draped and wrapped around a simple metal rack, which serves as a canvas. In this…

The new ZIIIRO Solaris shifts in color at every angle

The ZIIIRO Solaris watch combines a futuristically shining iridescent dial with an elegant retro-like matte casing. Even in pictures it’s hard to describe the effect of this special hue-changing radiant dial. You have to experience it with your own eyes – from every viewing angle! What makes this new series so…

Orgono | A series of vases by Mexican designer Moisés Hernández

Orgono is a series of vases by Mexican designer Moisés Hernández. This collection of glass containers presents different diameters and heights which allow a playful presentation of flowers and plants. The geometric vases are designed to hold small quantities of flowers separately, allowing us to view and appreciate them as a single entity. The…

Liquid Brands Logos

Liquid Brands is a high speed liquid photo series, which combines many creative fields in one. This series uses logos of several popular companies with a creative approach to create a unique brand experience by using liquids. The logo shapes were created out of wood with a laser cutter and were…

10 Eye Catching TV Show Posters

Choosing a poster to display in your home or office is a tricky job. It has to be something which represents you, incorporates your passions and shows a touch of your personal style. If you’re a huge fan of a particular TV series, why not consider a graphic tribute for your…

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