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3.4.2015 | Photo Tour Eiffel | Jasper White

The 31st March was the anniversary of the inauguration of France’s most famous landmark: the Eiffel Tower.   To commemorate this, here are some images by photographer and Paris-lover Jasper White, whose project, simply named Tour Eiffel, involved inside houses and apartments around the French capital...
Tour Eiffel feel desain Jasper White 10 Tour Eiffel | Jasper White

3.3.2015 | Events AYRTON exhibition at ADPlog

Feel Desain recently visited the “AYRTON” exhibition, hosted by Alessandro Del Piero at ADPLOG in Turin. The exhibition runs from 5 February until 22 May this year, and is a tribute to the late Formula One star, Ayrton Senna. Curated by the Ayrton Senna...
Senna_ADPlog_feeldesain_00 AYRTON exhibition at ADPlog