24h Week Month

15.4.2014 | Art, Photo Food Art | A Tribute to Budgie

Very similar to the famous project by Hong Yi “Creativity with Food”, this project, created by food illustrator & food stylist Anna Keville Joyce , entitled “A Tribute to Budgie”  represent a series of plate illustrations that are made up of 100% food elements. Enjoy...
A-Tribute-to-Budgie-feeldesain Food Art | A Tribute to Budgie

2.4.2014 | Photo Blackground by Alberto Seveso

Blackground is new series of ink plumes photographed underwater against a black background . This is certainly one of the most beautiful projects by Italian-based photographer Alberto Seveso ( previously ). Enjoy the photogallery below. Don’t forget to follow Feeldesain on Twitter + Facebook  + Pinterest to get all the latest updates.    
Blackground--alberto-seveso-feeldesain-open Blackground by Alberto Seveso

2.4.2014 | Photo 2014 Sony World Photography Awards

The 2014 Sony World Photography Awards have finally published the winners of their world-wide photo competition. This year, 139,554 images from 70,000 entries made it into the competition. The competition is separated into 4 major sections – Professional, Open, Student and Youth. Each category...
header 2014 Sony World Photography Awards

31.3.2014 | Photo, Video Slow Life

Slow Life: A Macro Timelapse of Coral, Sponges and Other Aquatic Organisms Created from 150,000 Photographs “Slow Life ” marine life is particularly mysterious. As colorful, bizarre-looking, and environmentally important as we know corals and sponges are, their simple day-to-day life is hidden.  We...
Slow-Life-feeldesain-open Slow Life

20.3.2014 | Photo The Nasir al-mulk Mosque Colors

The stunning Nasir al-mulk Mosque hides a gorgeous secret between the walls of its fairly traditional exterior: stepping inside is like walking into a kaleidoscope of colors. Every day, the rays of the early morning sun shine through colorful stained-glass windows, transforming the halls...
Mosque_feeldesain_00 The Nasir al-mulk Mosque Colors