24h Week Month

18.5.2015 | Photo Birds | Thomas Lohr

These delightfully close-up, high definition photos of birds’ plumage are by high fashion photographer Thomas Lohr, who took some time out from working with beautiful models and big names like Vogue to photograph some colourful feathers instead. In his series, Birds, Lohr focused exclusively...
Birds feel desain Thomas Lohr1 Birds | Thomas Lohr

4.5.2015 | Photo Echoes | Hebe Robinson

In a set of photos which remind us a little bit of Feel Desain’s very own riTOrno series, Hebe Robinson explores the connection between past and present and the perception of time. The Norwegian photographer’s Echoes series visits the places from vintage photographs, and repositions...
Echoes_feeldesain_00 Echoes | Hebe Robinson

27.4.2015 | Photo Dreamscapes | Anthony Samaniego

Anthony Samaniego is a talanted Los Angeles photographer, and his Dreamscapes series is a colourful set of images which are, well, dreamlike. The colours and lens flares add an etherial feel to the photos, and will really make you dream of California. See a selection...
New_template_copertina Dreamscapes | Anthony Samaniego