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Louis Poulsen Photography Exhibition Design to Shape Light

Lighting manufacturer Louis Poulsen has asked top lighting designer Paul Nulty to curate a photography exhibition called ’Design To Shape Light’, running the 10th – 26th October 2018 in the creative district of Clerkenwell, London. The result is a selection of twenty-one dramatically different photographs by some of Europe’s most…

A genre-defining photo book published by Taschen edited by Frédéric Chaubin

Cosmic Communist Constructions Photographed is a genre-defining photo book published by Taschen, edited by French photographer Frédéric Chaubin, who has deep-dived into a post-Sputnik era, documenting a period of design largely ignored by academia and mainstream architecture. In these photographs, the viewer can explore the disappearing world of totalitarian structures, originally designed to dominate…

Gerrard Gethings captured photos of dogs and owners in his last project

Gerrard Gethings captured photos of dogs and owners in his last project. Laurence King Publishing commissions a well-known animal photographer to portray 25 pairs of identical-looking humans and their dogs for a game called “Do You Look Like Your Dog?“ These furry friends and their owners looks so much alike you might…

New Perception Between Human And Nature By Antonio Guerra

Spanish photographer and visual artist Antonio Guerra explores the tension between human and nature in his conceptual series titled ‘Ver de Acción’. To create this work, the Madrid-based artist created photo sculptures and installations from materials found in nature and then photographed the result. Sometimes, the process was reversed: he…

Tiny Tattoos And Parallel Backgrounds

“Tiny Tattoos” is the new series by American photographer Austin Tott which creates parallels between wrist tattoos and the background. A bike tattoo on a New York background, a letter tattoo on a mail background, quotes tattoo on books background: his series is to discover below. Conceptual photography is Austin Tott’s forte. Born…

Masterpiece Villa Nemazee by Gio Ponti slated for demolition

Designed in the late 1950s in Tehran Villa Namazee represents for Gio Ponti his “joie de vivre” philosophy for residential architecture. It is currently menaced by a development plan that proposes its demolition and replacement by a five-star hotel. The last of the three houses, the Villa Namazee was previously…

“Les Yeux des Tours” is a porthole windows photography series

“Les Yeux des Tours” is a porthole windows photography series created by Laurent Kronental; he reframes the mundane as magnificent in his latest series. Confined by the walls of the Tours Aillaud, the viewer is invited to gaze through the porthole windows which frame snippets in time of the Parisian suburbs.…

Studio Appétit and Oialla designed “Room Service”

Studio Appétit in collaboration with Oialla designed “Room Service”, a series of chocolate pieces destined to luxury hotel’s customers. Those little chocolates, precisely sculpted, can be engraved with customer’s initials and have the goal to take the lucky tasters into a “sensorial journey”. The Studio Appétit directed this eating experience creating a deluxe…

Memory Lapses | Temporary installations linked to strong memories

Memory Lapses are temporary installations linked to strong memories realized by the photographer François Ollivier . In a series that revisits places heavy with nostalgia, the Montreal-based artist, constructs sculptures that erase themselves through the flash of his camera. By overexposing reflective material in the process, data becomes absent from the digital file,…

Jarred & Displaced | Childhood environments by Christoffer Relander

After becoming father separation anxiety to Relander‘s childhood absorbed him into this project. Now, for three years Relander has been revisiting his childhood environments to “capture” them into his collection. Most environments are from where he grew up, in the countryside in the south of Finland, where his roots still…

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