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Stratus is a light installation in the historic lobby of 315 Montgomery

Stratus is a light installation in the historic lobby of 315 Montgomery created by New York-based design studio SOFTlab. The installation comprises two layers of brass pipes containing a series of LED lights programmed with a subtle light pattern that simulates air flow. Commissioned by New York–based Vornado Realty Trust, the installation provides a…

Light Chair Captures A Rainbow of Colours

Light Chair by product designer Taehwan Kim uses dichroic film to both scatters and reflects light. The korea-based furniture maker and product designer intended the final result to look as though a sheet of light had been caught on a simple white frame, but maintained in a constant state of change…

A new way to interact with lighting design objects by R L O N Studio

A new way to interact with lighting design objects by R L O N Studio. The Berlin design team creates objects and installations characterized by minimal aesthetics, playful interactions, and poetic motions. their L1 and L3 lamps discover a completely different approach to lighting design with their shapes and the new way of user’s interaction.…

Baggio Piechaud redesign the Ballande Meneret warehouse

Baggio Piechaud redesign the Ballande Meneret warehouse placed near Bordeaux, France. The Ballande Meneret winehouse is the main producing vineyard tucked deep within the woods of the Medoc Peninsula. Last year, the wine makers acquired a 100,000 square foot warehouse, which would act as the headquarters to preserve and export classified growths. Ballande Meneret…

Colorful hanging screens play with the space in Telaviv

Colorful hanging screens play with the space in Telaviv; they both emphasize and contrast the building’s high ceilings in a lively way. Mesh screens in contrasting colours hang above the heads of diners at Tel Aviv’s Ya Pan bistro, designed by local architects Pitsou Kedem, Irene Goldberg and Sigal Baranowitz. The 70-square-metre…

The Mygdal Plant Lamps is both a light and a plant

The Mygdal Plant Lamps , as its name implies, is both a light and a plant. This piece, created by the German studio Nui, has been designed based on the idea of the ever increasing importance that plants play in our day to day lives in the urban environment and the clever…

Japanese collective teamLab brought the ocean indoor

Japanese collective teamLab brought the ocean indoor. The triennial of contemporary art and design is underway at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) and a responsive digital installation by teamLab, “Moving Creates Vortices and Vortices Create Movement”, is once again, stirring up something otherworldly. Those interacting in the dark, mirrored space…

Memory Lapses | Temporary installations linked to strong memories

Memory Lapses are temporary installations linked to strong memories realized by the photographer François Ollivier . In a series that revisits places heavy with nostalgia, the Montreal-based artist, constructs sculptures that erase themselves through the flash of his camera. By overexposing reflective material in the process, data becomes absent from the digital file,…

Neuroscience-inspired installations at the Shiseido Ginza building

Tokyo-based design studio, WOW inc., has designed a visual installation series for the Shiseido Ginza building in Tokyo. The series comprises three pieces based on the concept of neuroscience: “Neuro Surge”, “Interactive Wall”, and “Product Room”. Each installation is intended to create a dynamic interaction between the product and visitors…

The new ZIIIRO Solaris shifts in color at every angle

The ZIIIRO Solaris watch combines a futuristically shining iridescent dial with an elegant retro-like matte casing. Even in pictures it’s hard to describe the effect of this special hue-changing radiant dial. You have to experience it with your own eyes – from every viewing angle! What makes this new series so…

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