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interior design

Signet Trestle Assembled With A Simple Aluminum Ring

British designer Daniel Schofield presents signet trestle that allows you to reconfigure your space regularly and move often. The structure collapses in seconds making the storing and transportation much easier. It is split into two halves which are held together by two aluminum rings — the rings slide over each…

EWE Studio: Forniture and Lighting Born Of Fire

Mexican design collective EWE Studio produced a series of innovative objects made from glass. The collection titled Alquimia, which means Alchemy in English, is the second from EWE Studio. The trio of designs includes a varied range of materials, all of which were altered by fire in some way. “Fire…

Unusual Volume: A Contemporary Interpretation Of An Urban Jungle

Rotterdam-based agency Studio Spass designed an interior for the living room of the Cambridge Innovation Center office spaces. As part of the CIC x Arttenders Art at Work Project they were commissioned to create a contemporary interpretation of an Urban Jungle. The result is Unusual Volume. Breaking with the usual association of flora and fauna, Studio…

David Shrigley covers the walls of Sketch with 91 colourful new works

David Shrigley covers the walls of Sketch with 91 colourful new works. This exhibition has been considered a fresh coat of satire; this new collection replaces his own vast collection of 239 black and white drawings, which previously hung on The Gallery – a section of the restaurant – walls since its launch in…

“In-sight” a new concept store designed by OHLAB

“In-sight”a new concept store designed by OHLAB located in Downtown Miami. On the facade of the store are two red interlaced circles that represent binoculars, the logo of the brand. Looking through these ‘binoculars’ and into the interior, there are 24 white panels that have been placed throughout the length of the…

Formafatal designed the interiors for “Burrito Loco” in Prague

Formafatal designed the interiors for “Burrito Loco” in Prague.  The restaurant chain has a long tradition there and the colorful dining room features custom-made mexican accents. Formafatal studio used a bright color palette which extends to the sheet metal, paintings, ceramic tiles, and furniture used. The monochrome tiles are accented by…

This new Chengdu cafe has Wes Anderson’s reminiscences

This new Chengdu cafe has Wes Anderson’s reminiscences ; combining marble surfaces with geometric elevations and pastel hues, the Melbourne studio Biasol creates the perfect Grand Budapest Hotel atmosphere. The Budapest Cafe is located in the Chengdu, capital of China’s Sichuan province, but its owners specifically chose an Australian design studio to create an environment that would…

Klaarchitectuur renovate a chapel into a coworking space

Klaarchitectuur renovate a chapel into a dynamic coworking space. This initiative was developed in order to restore the building to public use. The project, created by Belgian architects Klaarchitectuur, changed the architecture which now offers a collection of versatile work spaces. The Waterdog’s primary function is to provide a new home for…

The Arrivals opens new fashion retail spaces

Minimal fashion brand The Arrivals has opened pop-up stores in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The New York-based designers Bower and Lotte Van Velzen have used metallic and russet surfaces to match the colour palette of this season’s collection. Volcanic rocks, metal sheeting and mirrored stands are combined at the spaces showcasing the…