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The “Hands On” exhibition at the Melbourne’s NVG Kids Gallery

The “Hands On” exhibition at the Melbourne’s NVG Kids Gallery consists of 6 new art works and 5 interactive installations. Created  by We Make Carpets, the project transform the space into an interactive jorurney where young visitors can contribute to the exhibition. “Children can arrange tangram shapes to create a new floor piece; make dashes…

JR plays with mesmerizing illusion at Château La Coste

JR plays with mesmerizing illusion at Château la Coste with the installation “Mind the Gap”. The French artist JR has created this optical illusion for the art institution’s Renzo Piano Pavilion with trains moving on tracks. It’s technical and minimal. And similar to recent works, it continues to play with the unusual scaling of things, drawing our eyes…

Neuroscience-inspired installations at the Shiseido Ginza building

Tokyo-based design studio, WOW inc., has designed a visual installation series for the Shiseido Ginza building in Tokyo. The series comprises three pieces based on the concept of neuroscience: “Neuro Surge”, “Interactive Wall”, and “Product Room”. Each installation is intended to create a dynamic interaction between the product and visitors…

Hanging Paintings, a series of experimental painting

Tadao Cern created a series of experimental hanging paintings that have nothing to do with paint at all. These delicate structure, called “Hanging Paintings”, consists of brand new garments and scraps of material that are arranged, draped and wrapped around a simple metal rack, which serves as a canvas. In this…

A series of chairs invade Japanese lake by Hidemi Nishida

Placed on lake Poroto in Hokkaido – northern Japan- Hidemi Nishida studio has recently developed an environmental installation called “Fragile Chairs”. The piece is an extension of the studio’s fragile series, known for engaging aesthetics of space and perceptions of environment, focusing on a primordial experience and making sense the studio’s choice of…

Lucio Fontana’s Ambienti at HangarBicocca

This new exhibition, featured at the Pirelli HangarBicocca’s vast Navate space, allows the public to discover the installations one at a time. As visitors move through and linger within them, they gain a full sense of their groundbreaking significance: the amazing iconic and aesthetic power that makes these works so innovative even…

Jeff Koons new project for Snapchat

On monday afternoon the social giant launched a countdown clock on the site where users can see an image of Central Park in New York City. Unfortunately a hack easily confused the website and Snapchat’s attempt at shrouding a partnership with Jeff Koons in mystery has been spoilt.  Before it was quickly taken…

“Minima | Maxima” presented during the World Expo 2017

“Minima | Maxima” is a site specific installation made of ultra-thin powdered aluminum in Astana, Kazakhstan. Presented during the world expo 2017, it was created by  the studio MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY to  transports visitors into a strange, science fiction world where users can engage with the dynamic structure. The project extends MARC FORNES…

“Y” in the Niemelä Tenant Farm

&’ Architects (Emmi Keskisarja & Janne Teräsvirta & Company) in collaboration with the Finnish National Museum have created the installation as an exploration of temporality and the provocative use of wood. The title was borrowed from the mathematical symbol of the unknown, as the temporary structure is designed to stir conversation about what the future holds,…

Street installation created for the Exhibit Columbus Festival

The series of Washington Street Installations was created for the Exhibit Columbus Festival, which opened last weekend in the city For the project, curated by local designer Jonathan Nesci, five international galleries were asked to choose a designer or studio to create a temporary intervention that responded to the busy street. The Chicago’s Volume…