24h Week Month

25.8.2014 | Advertising, Illustration Praha Erotic Film Festival

Posters promoting the Erotic Film Festival  in the Polish movie theatre Kino Praha.  Based on iconic characters and scenes from classic blockbusters, giving them a little twist (not always a little one!). Credits: Client: Kino Praha Advertising Agency: Lowe, Warsaw, Poland Creative Directors: Kinga...
Praha-Erotic-Film-Festival-feeldesain-open Praha Erotic Film Festival

21.1.2014 | Art, Illustration, Photo Everyday Objects | Javier Pérez

Art Director Javier Pérez Turns Everyday Objects into Whimsical Illustrations Ecuador-based illustrator and art director Javier Pérez has been posting a fun series of photo illustrations over on his Instagram account. The simple ideas mix everyday objects with line drawings, creating balloons out of grapes, porcupine quills...
Everyday-Objects-Javier-Perez-feel-desain Everyday Objects | Javier Pérez

19.12.2013 | Illustration, Infographic, Video Tarantino & Friends

Homage to art of Quentin Tarantino by Timor Barshtman. An illustrated infographic which depicts his ability to transform and reintroduce familiar actors as completely new characters with detailed network of connections throw different movies. Don’t forget to follow Feeldesain on Twitter + Facebook  + Pinterest to get all the latest updates.

10.12.2013 | Advertising, Illustration Whether joy or sadness , it’s always good to have Selpak Tissues

Creative advertising campaign by Selpak Tissues handkerchiefs. Whether joy or sadness — it’s always good to have Selpak Tissues . Advertising Agency: TBWA, Istanbul, Turkey Creative Director: Volkan Karakasoglu Copywriter: Emre Gökdemir Art Director: Zeynep Orbay Account Supervisors: Seda Seker, Ece Gucuk Chief Creative...
Selpak-Tissues-Best-Friend-feeldesain-open Whether joy or sadness , it’s always good to have Selpak Tissues