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Parotia TV Unit by Burak Kocak

Multidisciplinary designer Burak Kocak made a TV Unit called Parotia. The aim of the artist is to create a background for the TV and turning TV as a focal point to users. The soft touch shell aims to create an emotional bond with the customer, making the object more appealing.…

David Shrigley covers the walls of Sketch with 91 colourful new works

David Shrigley covers the walls of Sketch with 91 colourful new works. This exhibition has been considered a fresh coat of satire; this new collection replaces his own vast collection of 239 black and white drawings, which previously hung on The Gallery – a section of the restaurant – walls since its launch in…

“In-sight” a new concept store designed by OHLAB

“In-sight”a new concept store designed by OHLAB located in Downtown Miami. On the facade of the store are two red interlaced circles that represent binoculars, the logo of the brand. Looking through these ‘binoculars’ and into the interior, there are 24 white panels that have been placed throughout the length of the…

Stephen Johnson developed a colorful adhesive dough

London designer Stephen Johnson developed a colorful adhesive dough that is strong enough to bond parts of furniture together. The synthetic dough, called PLAY, is designed to look like children’s modelling toy Play-Doh, but to function as a strong adhesive. It can be used to bond a range of materials, including…

KFC Commercial Linn Fritz
Brilliant KFC Commercial by Linn Fritz

Linn Fritz , London-based and Swedish independent designer,  regularly participates at the creation of various advertising spots. She is in charge of the design and in part of the animation team. Recently, she has collaborated with the Buck studio in order to create a drew commercial spot for the fast-food chain KFC. This…

A marvelous artisanal soap serie

Aurelie de Sousa, well known as Ellie, is an illustrator that uses her free time to create these marvelous artisanal soaps. Each of by Ellie products is formulated based on nature’s pharmacy combining vegetable oils, essential oils, fragrances and botanical extracts. It represents no only a skin loving natural soap with…

This Book is a Planetarium

Kelli Anderson, a self-described artist/designer and tinkerer has just released her long-awaited book, This Book is a Planetarium. Anderson, who is based in Brooklyn, works in a variety of digital and analog media -here our previous article on This Book is a Camera– but is best known for her use of paper…

AudioJar | Fab Speakers

A simple housing for David Mellis‘ open-source Fab Speakers. Using readily available household items and basic construction methods allow for even further customization and flexibility of the Fab Speakers. Varying jar shapes/sizes can be mixed with alternate feet for different lookesigned by Sarah Pease. [via] Don’t forget to follow Feeldesain on Twitter + Facebook  + Pinterest to get…

Film Posters | Gabz Grzgorz Domaradzki

Freelance illustrator and graphic artist “Gabz” Grzegorz Domaradzki from Poland is the designer of these captivating movie posters. Some of the biggest film names of recent years feature in the collection, and his works are so great to look at thanks to the designer’s range of techniques – first he works with pen…

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