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Light Chair Captures A Rainbow of Colours

Light Chair by product designer Taehwan Kim uses dichroic film to both scatters and reflects light. The korea-based furniture maker and product designer intended the final result to look as though a sheet of light had been caught on a simple white frame, but maintained in a constant state of change…

‘Cursive Structure’ Is A Chair Inspired By Dragon Movement

Artist Chulan Kwak presented his new project called Cursive structure. The inspiration comes from Caoshu – known as Chinese cursive brush-writing – the most abbreviated typeface in the calligraphy. The free flow of Caoshu in the white margins resembles the appearance of a dragon that seems to fly through the…

Giardino Botanico Is An Homage To The Elegance Of Nature

During Milan Design Week, British brand Secolo XXI launches its first collection of Nature-inspired seat called Giardino Botanico designed by Artefatto Design Studio. The series comprises five velvet chairs which come in burgundy, silver-gray, turquoise, antique pink and green and feature golden seat-backs with the silhouette of leaves and flowers. Created…

The Fikra Tables by Ammar Kalo

The Fikra Tables by Ammar Kalo demonstrate the perfect balance between natural and manmade materials, embracing visual heaviness and experimenting with recycled rubber crumb.  Commissioned by Fikra Campus, a multi-use space in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, that comprises a design studio, a co-working space, a café, a design library and…

“Exploded Chair” are furniture pieces that toy with conventions

“Exploded Chair” are furniture pieces that toy with conventions. Created by Joyce Lin, the series embrace play whilst maintaining functionality. This is, perhaps, nowhere more evident than in her “Exploded Chair“, a piece she designed in her final year at Rhode Island School of Design. This piece takes traditional conception of…

Swedish design firm Stoft Studio creates Canvas Chair

Swedish design firm Stoft Studio creates Canvas Chair, a simple wood chair that’s been designed to easily change the upholstery on the seat. The chair, made from bent Ash wood, works like an embroidery frame, that slides over a piece fabric and tightens to hold it in place and showcase it like a…

Wink Lamp by Houtique and Masquespacio

The Wink Lamp is the result of the collaboration between Houtique and Masquespacio. The meeting between these two firms started when the founders of both companies came together with the aim to study new projects to work on together. The result is a new collection of furniture and the “Wink” lamp.…

Mars Chair | A lightweight furniture for another planet

Thomas Missé, a recent ECAL graduate, has designed a lightweight, stackable chair made from carbon fibre that he believes will lower interplanetary importation costs.  Created the project as a response to a brief to create furniture for Mars, this chair embodies the concept that the human colonization is a realistic possibility.  Through his project, the designer aimed to prepare…

Rising Chair | Robert Van Embricqs

The designer Amsterdam-based designer Robert Van Embricqs developed “Rising chair” following a specific question: is the object you’re creating capable of dictating its own design? Is it even possible for an object to ‘tell’ for which form its best suited? If so, what will the end result be? In the designer’s own words:…

A series of chairs invade Japanese lake by Hidemi Nishida

Placed on lake Poroto in Hokkaido – northern Japan- Hidemi Nishida studio has recently developed an environmental installation called “Fragile Chairs”. The piece is an extension of the studio’s fragile series, known for engaging aesthetics of space and perceptions of environment, focusing on a primordial experience and making sense the studio’s choice of…

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