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Breathtaking library in China by MVRDV

The Dutch architectural firm MVRDV in collaboration with local architects TUPDI has completed the Tianjin Binhai Library, an extraordinary space for the city of Tianjin, China. In the heart of this unique building, which was built in only three years, a spherical auditorium called The Eye sets the tone and invites you to…

LEGO House | An immersive experience center

After four years of construction, the “LEGO house” has opened its doors to the public in September. Located in the danish town of Billund, where the iconic brick was first invented, the BIG-designed institution has been conceived as an immersive experience center, which includes paid attractions as well as areas that are…

ArchiExpo | The online architecture and design exhibition

ArchiExpo is the market’s most comprehensive online sourcing tool for professionals. Their mission is simple: bring buyers and manufacturers together in one place. From modern, professional furniture pieces to unique and functional structures, there is something for every growing business, independent seller, or even product design admirer. This year, ArchiExpo…

Modern meets traditional in this little house in Trin, Switzerland

This modern residence, located on a mountainside in the beautiful Trin village in Switzerland, was recently renovated by Schneller Caminada Architects, who have kept the classic structure of the home while updating it with the wood cladding. This three-story single-family dwelling features a classic silhouette with a light concrete exterior which…

“Minima | Maxima” presented during the World Expo 2017

“Minima | Maxima” is a site specific installation made of ultra-thin powdered aluminum in Astana, Kazakhstan. Presented during the world expo 2017, it was created by  the studio MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY to  transports visitors into a strange, science fiction world where users can engage with the dynamic structure. The project extends MARC FORNES…

Zeit Museum of Contemporary Art Africa in Cape Town

The Zeit Museum of Contemporary Art Africa in Cape Town (MOCAA), created by Thomas Heatherwick’s Studio, is the biggest art museum in Africa and the world’s largest museum dedicated to African contemporary art and its diaspora. Located in Cape Town’s V&A waterfront area in South Africa, the nine-floor, 9,500 square foot interior…

Cirqua Apartments | BKK Arquitects

Following current market trends, BKK Architects has designed “Cirqua Apartments”, a residential complex located in Ivanhoe East — a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. Over the past two to four years, apartment living has become increasingly more desirable to prospective home owners and that’s the aim of Cirqua project. It provides livable spaces, quality infrastructure…

Alphavill | A church imitating nature in Japan

Designed by Kyoto-based firm Alphaville, this church, in Japan’s Mie prefecture, has been completed for the growing catholic population who come to work at Honda’s nearby car factory. It also serves as a gathering and meeting place for the international community. Located in Suzuka city, at the intersection of an old highway…

Turn Your Windows Into Nighttime Cityscapes

A Ukrainian blind company called HoleRoll shared this fun set of concept blinds that feature iconic cityscapes cut into blackout curtains. The silhouettes of famous skyscrapers become apparent as light streams in through the window. The images were posted back in 2014 and it looks like their website is currently…

Lonely Houses | Sejkko

Portuguese photographer Manuel Pita ( Sejkko ) is fascinated by colorful houses and spends time snapping the most particular ones that he comes across, usually on the background of a beautiful blue sky. Most of his photographs are taken in Portugal, but some come from other countries like Spain, Turkey and Croatia. The…