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Street Moments | Rui Palha

Photographer Rui Palha’s black and white portfolio of Street Moments takes you on a journey into an inspirational new world. Palha believes that photography is the practice of being in the streets, of learning and capturing, giving flow to what the heart feels. He says, “Why black and white? Because if you are photographing in color you show the color of the clothes. If you use black and white you will show the color of the soul.”

In his book called Street Photography, Palha tells the stories of his everyday experiences along the streets of Lisbon. In the book, he references a very significant photojournalist when he writes, “A very special [Robert] Capa quote that I try to follow in photography: ‘If your pictures aren’t good enough, you aren’t close enough.’” By devoting himself to photography, Palha has turned his once hobby into a lifetime of passionate photographs.

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