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A foldable slide that you can place over your stairs

Inventor Trisha Cleveland is working with Quirky in hopes of producing this set of folding mats which convert staircases into impromptu indoor slides.
It’s designed for kids, but we’d like to head downstairs this way every day.

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  • lauren

    Where can I get one of these? I want one!

  • Kim

    I want one too but I don’t think they exist yet. I think it’s being worked on.

  • Lynda

    This is an awesome idea.. I hope to see it on the market before my kids are to old..

  • LAS

    Where can I purchase this!!!!

  • Sam

    I don’t want it for the kids I want it for me 🙂 this would be a lot of fun with a bubble machine

  • Angel

    Where can I purchase this

  • Simon

    I need to give this person my MONEY!!

  • biggiesdickies

    were can I buy this any1 no

  • Kris

    You should bring this to the Shark Tank!

  • lol

  • it’s not available yet, we’ll keep you updated!

  • we’ll keep you updated!

  • Janniek

    Please get me up to date to! I so wanna buy this!!!! This is so freaking cool!!

  • Colleen Van Schubert- Woodcock

    My question is how do they get back up it? do you have to fold it up every single time? doesn’t look like much room on the side of it to walk up, also how would they fit every single staircase as they are all different sizes from top to bottom step? would you produce a curvy one for stairs that are not totally straight??

  • Kirsty Mari Watson

    My baby boy would love this as its a safer way to get down the stairs for him as he cant use his legs properly, please can you let me know when it becomes available as I really need to buy him one as it will be easier than a stair lift as hes only 3yrs old and a stair lift would take too much space up xx

  • Hey Kirsty! thanks for your comment, i’ll let you know as soon as possible.
    i’ll keep you updated!

  • Izzy

    how do you get back up once you have slid down?