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School Without Walls

Imagine going to school in an unusual learning environment like this! It’s what the students of Vittra Telefonplan do every day. Located in Stockholm, the Swedish free school organization is founded on a vision of creating a place where “the physical space is the school’s most important tool” in student development.

In light of this, a team of architects at Rosan Bosch created an unconventional space where the average classroom is eliminated. Instead, the students take a break on the neon green islands of seats, study on the whimsical art deco benches, or gather around a giant blue amphitheater that resembles an iceberg rising up in the middle of the room. Each uniquely designed area was thoughtfully created to support the school’s goals of differentiated learning.

The five main learning spaces are The Cave (a private space for learning), The Lab (experimentation and practical work), The Camp Fire (group process), The Watering Hole (a place for encounters and impulses), and The Showoff (a stage to show off progress and discoveries).

Photo Credits: Kim Wendt

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