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princess hijab

18.03.2013 | Art, Street Art
princess hijab

Princess Hijab daubs Muslim veils on half-naked fashion ads on the metro. Why does she do it? Is she a religious fundamentalist? And is she really a woman?

Princess Hijab is Paris’s most elusive street artist. Striking at night with dripping black paint she slaps black Muslim veils on the half-naked airbrushed women – and men – of the metro’s fashion adverts. She calls it “hijabisation”. Her guerrilla niqab art has been exhibited from New York to Vienna, sparking debates about feminism and fundamentalism – yet her identity remains a mystery.

For more info, visit here

Enjoy the images below – what an interesting concept.

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  • Abdullah

    This rudeness and incivility.
    You infringe on the right of Islam and provoke Muslims in this design.
    Designer must be the owner of ethics and not rude and modesty

  • Cristian

    Duffy Duck did this before it was cool but it involved a mustache