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Porcelain bowls designed to look like paint blobs
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Porcelain bowls designed to look like paint blobs

Alissa Volchkova was showing her Liquid Series bowls at the Now! Le Off  exhibition of emerging talent during the Paris Design Week.

The series is made by bowls that are made by free-pouring the material to form irregular blob-like shapes. Each is made using two processes. First, the bowl is slip-cast in a mould to create a smooth shape. The designer then pours dyed porcelain around its edge, to create irregular shapes in layers of colours.

“The final result is uncontrollable, determined by the unpredictable and spontaneous movement and kiln firing” she explained “Once completed, these liquid series are not only functional, but can be stacked into endless variations to create unique, graphical compositions.”

Photography by Alissa Volchkova

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