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Polaroid Negatives by Craig Crutchfield
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Polaroid Negatives by Craig Crutchfield

This is the work of Craig Crutchfield. He wants to document old signage, afraid that soon they will all be gone. To do so, he uses the negatives from Polaroid films, the part that is usually thrown away. Good concept. Nice results.

Polaroid-Negatives-feeldesain 016 Polaroid-Negatives-feeldesain 01 Polaroid-Negatives-feeldesain 03 Polaroid-Negatives-feeldesain 04 Polaroid-Negatives-feeldesain 05 Polaroid-Negatives-feeldesain 06 Polaroid-Negatives-feeldesain 07 Polaroid-Negatives-feeldesain 08 Polaroid-Negatives-feeldesain 09 Polaroid-Negatives-feeldesain 010 Polaroid-Negatives-feeldesain 011 Polaroid-Negatives-feeldesain 012 Polaroid-Negatives-feeldesain 013 Polaroid-Negatives-feeldesain 014 Polaroid-Negatives-feeldesain 015 Polaroid-Negatives-feeldesain 017 Polaroid-Negatives-feeldesain 018 Polaroid-Negatives-feeldesain 019 Polaroid-Negatives-feeldesain 020 Polaroid-Negatives-feeldesain 02

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