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Motivational Poster | Pupilpeople

It is said that resolutions are as easily made as they are forgotten. The euphoria of new year celebrations  followed by the mundane everyday realities that follow  can take a toll on one’s optimism. It’s not easy to remember our goals and stay true to them at the finish line, but it’s certainly worth the effort. After all, resolutions are about promises we make and promises we fulfill.

This collection of life’s little nuggets carry within their structure the same sentiment.
It is about staying consistent in our beginnings and our endings … as 2012 suggests.

Studio profile:
Pupilpeople is a design studio based in Singapore.
Established in 2008, we work on a wide range of projects in the public and private sectors.
We work mainly in areas of brand, print, and typography.
At the same time, we explore activities in other fields through self-initiated projects and other collaborative initiatives.

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