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Masterpieces Made of Oat Flakes

Sarah Rosado  created a new series about paintings works-of-art, with oat flakes and cinnamon.
The Scream, The Jocund, The girl with the pearl earing… It’s now up to you to share this pleasure of recomposing great paintings and playfully rediscover them!

Famouspaintings-Oatflakes9-900x676 Famouspaintings-Oatflakes8-900x676 Famouspaintings-Oatflakes7-900x601 Famouspaintings-Oatflakes5-900x734 Famouspaintings-Oatflakes4-900x683 Famouspaintings-Oatflakes3-900x676 Famouspaintings-Oatflakes2-900x675 Famouspaintings-Oatflakes1-900x676 Famouspaintings-Oatflakes0-900x676

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