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Luminose Lamp | Zimmerer and Lente

Born from their passion for design and love for dog, Budapest based designers Elizabeth Zimmerer and Márton Lent present their new project: Luminose lamp. This modern table lamp have the shape of a dog, made from high quality, handcrafted oak (or beech wood for the black and white versions).


This flexible and interactive wooden LED lamp is available for purchase directly on the website.

LuminoseDogLamp_feeldesain_01 LuminoseDogLamp_feeldesain_02 LuminoseDogLamp_feeldesain_03 LuminoseDogLamp_feeldesain_04 LuminoseDogLamp_feeldesain_05 LuminoseDogLamp_feeldesain_06 LuminoseDogLamp_feeldesain_07 LuminoseDogLamp_feeldesain_08 LuminoseDogLamp_feeldesain_09 LuminoseDogLamp_feeldesain_10 LuminoseDogLamp_feeldesain_11 LuminoseDogLamp_feeldesain_12 LuminoseDogLamp_feeldesain_13

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