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Lorraine House | Getaway

For those of you who like tiny houses like this one and adventurous retreats, check out Harvard student startup Getaway, and their teeny tiny houses like this one, named Lorraineafter the beloved grandmother of one of the company’s founders. If you’re looking for a relaxing place to have a weekend away, you can rent out the little wooden home in New Hampshire for $99 per night (to make things more exciting, the company won’t tell you exactly where it is until you’ve booked it, but promises that it’s two hours north of Boston). The cabin sleeps two and comes ready stocked with food, bicycles, books and board games. Although it’s no 5 star hotel, the cabin offers all the necessary conveniences – bedroom, bathroom, living space, hot water, a composting toilet, and a two-burner propane stove amongst other things. Photos below. TinyHome_feeldesain_01 TinyHome_feeldesain_02 TinyHome_feeldesain_04 TinyHome_feeldesain_03 TinyHome_feeldesain_05 TinyHome_feeldesain_06 TinyHome_feeldesain_07 TinyHome_feeldesain_08 TinyHome_feeldesain_09 Don’t forget to follow Feel Desain on Twitter Facebook Pinterest to get all the latest updates.


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