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Kitchen by Thomas | Office for Product Design
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Kitchen by Thomas | Office for Product Design

This collection of simple but elegant everyday kitchenware was created for the Thomas brand of Rosenthal, a German porcelain manufacturer, by Office for Product Design. The range, which won a coveted Red Dot Product Design Award this year, is the result of a three-year collaboration between Rosenthal and Office for Product Design and the collection of over 20 pieces combines existing design with new ideas. Each item has been thought up as an individual piece but also as part of a collection, so a few themes, like the use of wooden batons or modular footprints, run through various pieces, and materials have been studied carefully to allow tactile and emotional qualities as well as a useful utensil. See the collection below.

kitchenware_feeldesain_01 kitchenware_feeldesain_02 kitchenware_feeldesain_03 kitchenware_feeldesain_04 kitchenware_feeldesain_05 kitchenware_feeldesain_06 kitchenware_feeldesain_07 kitchenware_feeldesain_08 kitchenware_feeldesain_09 kitchenware_feeldesain_10 kitchenware_feeldesain_11 kitchenware_feeldesain_12 kitchenware_feeldesain_13 kitchenware_feeldesain_14 kitchenware_feeldesain_15 kitchenware_feeldesain_16 kitchenware_feeldesain_17 kitchenware_feeldesain_18 kitchenware_feeldesain_19 kitchenware_feeldesain_20 kitchenware_feeldesain_21 kitchenware_feeldesain_22 kitchenware_feeldesain_23 kitchenware_feeldesain_24

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