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Ingo Maurer’s Blow Me Up inflatable LED light

The inflatable glowing air hose “Blow Me Up” is flexible to use: Blown up, you can lean it against the wall or fasten it to the ceiling or wall with hooks or nylon cords. It comes rolled up in a can and is blown up the lamp by the user. A sensor switch is integrated as a switch on one side of the LED strip, which radiates the reflective side of the tube, thus scattering indirect light in the room.

The light can stand up and simply lean against the wall or be fastened to the ceiling or wall with hooks or nylon cords and, with a suitable adapter, it can also be connected to the 12 volt supply of a camping van.


Blow Me Up is a lamp for the young and the young in mind, those who embrace mobility and change Materials: plastic, steel.

Photography by Ingo Maurer