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Gelatology | Studio Fludd

Gelatology is an experimental workshop by Studio Fludd, fourth self produced volume from the series “Ephemera & Miscellanea”. The projects relates the aesthetic and the conceptual aspects of ice-cream and geology. Starting from their fanzine was born then a workshop related to the same brief, evolving into a practical translation of the concept. Participants starts by writing down 3 adjectives completely disconnected, that together compose the brief. Then follows the research of materials and techniques that will be used, sketches are drawn and finally an ice-cream cone is made, reflecting the 3 initial words.

Gelatology_Feeldesain_01 Gelatology_Feeldesain_02 Gelatology_Feeldesain_03 Gelatology_Feeldesain_04 Gelatology_Feeldesain_05 Gelatology_Feeldesain_06 Gelatology_Feeldesain_07

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