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Future Flowers | Daniel Libeskind
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Future Flowers | Daniel Libeskind

One of the most impressive things we’ve seen at Milan Design Week so far has been this 3-dimensional geometric installation by Polish-American architect Daniel Libeskind, made up of 2km of steel panels. Future Flowers is a colourful combination of design, architecture and art, and has been installed on top of the pharmacy faculty of the University of Milan. The work was created in collaboration with Oikos, who even developed a special pigment named “Libeskind’s Red” for the installation and with whom the architect has collaborated on a whole new collection. Future Flowers was inspired by a conceptual project that the architect worked on at the end of the ’70s, and the result is an impressive installation which is interesting to look at from all angles. Libeskind wanted to use bright colour – unlike many modern architects and designers who are opting for more neutral tones in their work – as he believes that colour is an essential element, indeed the soul, of good design and architecture. The work will be on display until the 24th May.

Future_Flowers_feeldesain_01 Future_Flowers_feeldesain_02 Future_Flowers_feeldesain_03 Future_Flowers_feeldesain_04 Future_Flowers_feeldesain_05 Future_Flowers_feeldesain_06 Future_Flowers_feeldesain_07 Future_Flowers_feeldesain_08 Future_Flowers_feeldesain_09

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