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Cosmic Diner | Diesel Living and Seletti
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Cosmic Diner | Diesel Living and Seletti


Space travel has been in the news a lot recently, and Diesel Living and Seletti obviously got the memo that the cosmos is in. These porcelain plates are part of the Cosmic Diner collection, which also includes space themed salt and pepper grinders, glasses and a vase. We especially love the dishes, which represent the sun, moon and the planets and which, on their own, could even seem just like colourful, abstract patterns.

Images: Seletti and Diesel Living

cosmicdiner_feeldesain_01 cosmicdiner_feeldesain_02 cosmicdiner_feeldesain_03 cosmicdiner_feeldesain_04 cosmicdiner_feeldesain_05 cosmicdiner_feeldesain_06 cosmicdiner_feeldesain_07

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