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Colourful Kiev restaurant | Brandon Agency

03.03.2015 | Graphic, Interior design

These days, restaurants and cafés often go to great lengths to offer natural, healthy and local ingredients, and this Ukrainian restaurant is no exception. The healthy restaurant, named “Simple“, takes pride in its simple and original food and can be found in the centre of Kiev. Brandon Agency‘s task was to design everything for this modern eating spot – logo, corporate identity, and interior design. Focusing on the simple and natural nature of the restaurant, they focused on the organic, featuring wood, plants, and hessian. There are plenty of fun touches in the details, too, from the birdhouse paper towel dispenser in the bathroom to the chopping board wall décor. It definitely looks like a fun place to grab a bite if you’re ever in Ukraine.


Anna Domovesova – interior design
Boris Alexandrov - creative director
Dmitriy Panasjuk - copywriter
Pavel Panfilov – account manager
Alexandr Osipenko – illustrator
Olga Novikova – designer, illustrator
Elena Parhisenko – designer
Anton Storozhev – designer
Nikolay Mihov – visualization
Andrey Shalimov and Yana Korobenko – photos

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