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Coin Street Mural
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Coin Street Mural

Imagine creating a mural with 250,000 Euro-cent coins, consisting of 3 different shades. There’s no doubt that this would take a lot of patience. In fact, you would almost need to be obsessed with your work in order to complete such a hefty task. Stefan Sagmeister, a very talented designer, made his mural around this theme of obsession on Waagdragerhof Square in Amsterdam.

Sagmeister describes this mural’s theme by relating it back to his own life. He says,

“I have rarely been obsessed with things in my personal life. I cannot worry about the right shade of green for the sofa, the details of a sexual ex-lover or the proper temperature of the AC meeting room. However, I am obsessed with my work and I think that many of our best projects have come out of this obsession.”



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