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Cinismo Ilustrado | Eduardo Salles

Happy 2017, Feel Desainers!

Let’s start the year with a laugh – these illustrations by Mexican artist Eduardo Salles poke fun at modern life and you’ll probably recognise yourself or someone you know in a couple of them. Check out a selection in English below, and go to Salles’s site to see much more in his mother tongue, Spanish.

Images: Eduardo Salles via Demilked

CinismoIlustrado_feeldesain_01 CinismoIlustrado_feeldesain_02 CinismoIlustrado_feeldesain_03 CinismoIlustrado_feeldesain_04 CinismoIlustrado_feeldesain_05 CinismoIlustrado_feeldesain_06 CinismoIlustrado_feeldesain_07 CinismoIlustrado_feeldesain_08 CinismoIlustrado_feeldesain_09 CinismoIlustrado_feeldesain_10 CinismoIlustrado_feeldesain_11 CinismoIlustrado_feeldesain_12 CinismoIlustrado_feeldesain_13 CinismoIlustrado_feeldesain_14 CinismoIlustrado_feeldesain_15

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