24h Week Month

13.1.2016 | Street Art Street Art Reunion Island

Now, let us whisk you away to the exotic destination of Réunion Island, where street artists including GorG One, Jace, Meo, and Seth Globepainter have worked their artistic magic on seven of the walls of the La Rose des Vents area. The artists have...
Reunion_feeldesain_00 Street Art Reunion Island

25.12.2015 | Art, Street Art Border Art | Werc Alvarez

Werc Alvarez is a very talented street artist and so-called “border artist”, as he was born in Mexico but raised in the USA, continuing to paint along the Mexico-US border. His multi-cultural influences are clear in his work, which often makes reference to his...
Alvarez_feeldesain_00 Border Art | Werc Alvarez