24h Week Month

15.11.2016 | Art, Illustration Nice & theFox

Nice&theFox was born in Turin (IT) in 1986. Her work varies from oil painted portraits on canvas to watercolored illustrations on paper. Her style is influenced by both the urban scene and the graphic novel narrative which transpires from the use of images and...
nice and the fox illustrations feeldesain Nice & theFox

7.6.2016 | Illustration Sneakers Drawn With A Single Line

Creative Illustrations Of Iconic Sneakers Drawn With A Single Line Including massively popular models such as the Nike Air Jordan, Converse Chuck Taylor and Adidas Superstar, these drawings remain minimalist while reflecting the signature features of each sneaker. Don’t forget to follow Feeldesain on Twitter + Facebook  + Pinterest to get all the...
Iconic-Sneakers-Drawn-With-A-Single-Line-feeldesain Sneakers Drawn With A Single Line

10.3.2016 | Art, Illustration Ballpoint Pen Illustrations

New Ballpoint Pen Illustrations on Vintage Envelopes and Maps by Mark Powell  Recently Powell has expanded his practice to include old maps as another form of canvas, drawing detailed faces and bodies that are given texture by the haphazard roads and regions that comprise...
MarkPowell_feeldesain Ballpoint Pen Illustrations