24h Week Month

26.4.2016 | Graphic Cities Branding project

Graphic designer, raluuca popescu created a representative banner for a travel agency. How you can creatively represent a city’s name with an image ? See results bellow! Don’t forget to follow Feeldesain on Twitter + Facebook  + Pinterest to get all the latest updates.
Cities_branding_feel desain Cities Branding project

15.4.2016 | Graphic, Web New Honest Logos

Viktor Hertz is still hard at work on his funny series, Honest Logos . We featured a few earlier this year, and since then he’s created even more. There are 12 new ones- the chosen companies and brands include Yahoo, Walmart, Netflix, Häagen-Dazs, Game of Thrones, Burger...
HONEST-LOGOS-feeldesain hertz New Honest Logos

9.3.2016 | Graphic, Web Instant Logo Search

‘Instant Logo Search’ Lets You Search And Download Thousands Of Logos Instantly ‘Instant Logo Search’ is a new web tool by KOGG that lets you search and download logos instantly. Discovered on Product Hunt, it gives you access to thousands of company logos—you can download them for free,...
instant logo search feeldesain Instant Logo Search

8.3.2016 | Graphic, Photo Liquid Brands Logos

Liquid Brands is a high speed liquid photo series, which combines many creative fields in one. This series uses logos of several popular companies with a creative approach to create a unique brand experience by using liquids. The logo shapes were created out of wood...
liquid brands Liquid Brands Logos

1.3.2016 | Graphic, Packaging Love Fest Fibers | Menta

How cute is this branding project? Love Fest Fibers is a San Francisco based company who makes yarns from alpaca and merino wool, with their yarns inspired by communities all over the world, from New Zealand to Nepal to the USA. Mexican agency Menta was responsible...
love-fest-brand-eco-feel-desain Love Fest Fibers | Menta