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15.8.2014 | Architecture, Design B-AND-BEE Honeycomb

Only one year ago this concept, imagined by Compaan and Labeur, won a creative competition in Antwerp. Then they decided to join forces with Achilles Design and One Small Step to apply for the prestigious innovation scholarship CICI 2014. The concept of the Honeycomb Hotel was selected as one of the 16...
B-AND-BEE_feeldesain_00 B-AND-BEE Honeycomb

15.8.2014 | Design, Gadgets Kangaroo Clock | Fabrica

Designer David Raffouli designed for Fabrica this beautiful “Kangaroo Clock”, which takes its name from the small “pocket” dug to place an object such as a brush or any other accessory. A nice idea made ​​with elegance.   via | Don’t forget to follow Feeldesain on Twitter + Facebook  + Pinterest to...
Kangaroo_feeldesain_00 Kangaroo Clock | Fabrica

14.8.2014 | Design, Gadgets The Grovemade Desk Collection

There are three daily habits we’ve learned to practice while working from home: prioritizing the “inbox” (whether physical or digital), constantly minimizing clutter, and maximizing usable storage space. While the first two habits are behavioral, the last requires planning and utilizing the right organizational...
Grovemade_feeldesain_00 The Grovemade Desk Collection