24h Week Month

30.11.2013 | Concept, Design Rainy Pot

The Rainy Pot by Korean Designer Seungbin Jeong is emotional and functional. It is emotional, because the Rainy Pot serves to create a similar environment as in nature that encourages childlike emotions to grownups and playfully educates children the ecological movement of nature. It...
Rainy-Pot-feeldesain-open Rainy Pot

21.11.2013 | Design Richard Sachs | Cyclocross Bicycle

What can be born from the union of a high quality product with an excellent visual identity project: Richard Sachs, considered the “godfather” of the handmade bicycle manufacturers in the United States (since 1972), he collaborated with the famous American type foundry House Industries...
richard-sachs--cyclocross-team00-open Richard Sachs | Cyclocross Bicycle

20.11.2013 | Design, Gadgets, Video 53 introduces pencil

FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. Great tools inspire great ideas. Pencil is the most natural and expressive tool for getting ideas on Paper. Advanced technology meets beautiful design to keep you in the flow, without needing to switch tools. With Erase, Blend, and adaptive Palm Rejection,...
53pencil.feeldesain00-open 53 introduces pencil

19.11.2013 | Design, Video 11 | THE BEAUTIFUL GAME

11 is a luxury football table for discerning lovers of the world’s favourite game. After a full year of careful planning and development it has now gone into limited production. 11’s sweeping curves reflect the beauty and grandeur of today’s modern stadiums, while its...

14.11.2013 | Design, Fashion Classic Timepiece | AÃRK

The art of minimalist design is the backbone of the Classic. It’s easy, refined and plays around with colour to offer each wearer a character that best represents them. Perfectly balanced in design and function, this watch is a true representation of AÃRK. The...
classic_timepiece_feeldesain_00 Classic Timepiece | AÃRK

11.11.2013 | Design, Gadgets, Video Forever Pillow

Fashioned after the Mobius strip, Forever Pillow becomes a desk pillow, back support and neck cushion together. Retreat into a world of natural softness with the eco-friendly and anti-bacterial bamboo textile. Support the project HERE Don’t forget to follow Feeldesain on Twitter + Facebook  + Pinterest to get all the latest updates.
Forever-Pillow-feeldesain-open Forever Pillow

7.11.2013 | Design, Packaging SpineVodka by Johannes Schulz

German designer Johannes Schulz has created an eye-catching new concept for a bottle of Vodka. The undeniable focal point of Spine Vodka is the three-dimensional spine and ribcage featured within each bottle. It’s meant to convey the idea that the alcoholic beverage has a real “backbone”...
SpineVodka-open SpineVodka by Johannes Schulz

6.11.2013 | Design Growing Cabinet

In contrast to other cabinets, the drawers of “growing cabinet” are located on the side. By pulling the drawer, extra space evolve, which can be use as a temporary storage if needed. This kind of interaction makes it a “living” object, that changes its...
growing-cabinet-feeldesain-open Growing Cabinet