24h Week Month

7.10.2014 | Design HI Hangers | Mathery Studio

The HI Hangers are a collaborative work between Mathery Studio and Australian designer Dale Hardiman. Fashioned from metal rods bent in a continuous wave, the set consists of an H and I form. The HI Hangers explore the presentation of clothing, and like the...
HI Hangers Feeldesain Mathery Studio12 HI Hangers | Mathery Studio

29.9.2014 | Design Make More Contest | Veneta Cucine

5 are the final projects of MakeMore contest promoted by Veneta Cucine and MakeTank, they are the 5 objects that over all the participant’s projects were able to interpret the craftsman tradition of wood, main character of Veneta Cucine, and contemporary design. MakeMore contest...
Make More Contest Feeldesain Veneta Cucine14 Make More Contest | Veneta Cucine

25.9.2014 | Design, DIY Sputnik lamps | Julie Lansom

All these lamps are unique, without any glueing points and as simple as effective. They are entirely handmade in Julie Lansom‘s workshop in Paris. They are made of wood and cotton thread.     She is also working on orders, so if you’re interested...
Sputnik lamps Feeldesain Julie Lansom20 Sputnik lamps | Julie Lansom