24h Week Month

28.6.2013 | Design Les Cordes | LED Chandelier

After four years of work, the Borely Castle reopens as the Museum of Decorative Arts, Pottery and Fashion in Marseille. During this major renovation, the designer Matthew Lehanneur imagined luster “Les Cordes” which now adorns the main lobby of the building. Monumental and amazing LED...
Les-Cordes-LED-Chandelier-feeldesain-open Les Cordes | LED Chandelier

26.6.2013 | Art, Design, DIY CANLOVE Spray Bouquet

Here are a few of the latest and greatest Spray Bouquets designs we’ve been up to. All of these unique color-ways have gone into the hands of happy collectors, but if you are interested in collecting your own one of a kind CANLOVE Spray...
CANLOVE-Spray-Bouquet-feeldesain-open CANLOVE Spray Bouquet

26.6.2013 | Design Mezzo | Vintage Radio

Mezzo is a minimalist design created by France-based designer Ionna Vautrin. Mezzo is a small radio with a vintage touch, It’s basic controls associated to a voluptuous shape give “Mezzo” a familiar and endearing air. It comes in four colors to match any room...
mezzovintage-radio_feeldesain-00 Mezzo | Vintage Radio

25.6.2013 | Design, Graphic Tactile Comic for the Blind

As avid readers of graphic novels, comics, vintage pulps, superhero adventures, illustrated reportage and pretty much any other forms of image and text you can cobble together on paper, we’d be pretty devastated were we to suddenly find ourselves without the ability to enjoy...
Tactile-Comic-for-the-Blind-feel-desain Tactile Comic for the Blind

21.6.2013 | Art, Design, Events Stip | Art Installation

STIP is a collaboratively developed installation during the summer 2012 in New York City. The over five meters tall lightweight structure is assembled out of ropes and pipe insulation. Over the summer several events were held where Stip was slowly growing, becoming denser and...
stip-feeldesain-open Stip | Art Installation

19.6.2013 | Design Street Charge | NYC

Good news New Yorkers, ‘Street Charge’—a charging station that turns solar energy into renewable energy for cellphones—will be coming to your city. Developed by design consultancy PENSA, they will be partnering with solar company GoalZero and AT&T to install 25 charging stations across NYC. Designed as a “self-sufficient battery-filled pole”, ‘Street Charge’...
street-charge-pensa-new-york-social-charger Street Charge | NYC

18.6.2013 | Design OUTDOOR LOUNGE BED

OUTDOOR LOUNGE BED BY PATRICIA URQUIOLA FOR KETTAL Have you ever just wanted to move your bed outside so that you could sleep under the stars? Or, so you can pretend you’re camping without having to sleep on the ground? Luckily Milan-based designer Patricia Urquiola has...
Kettal-Cottage-feel-desain OUTDOOR LOUNGE BED

15.6.2013 | Design Origami Clock | Raw Dezign

Raw Dezign is a design studio based in the United Kingdom. Specialized in the creation of unique interior products, here is some wonderful clock sharped with origami forms. Beautiful clocks to discover in images in the article.   Don’t forget to follow Feeldesain on Twitter + Facebook  + Pinterest to...
Origami-Clock-feel-desain Origami Clock | Raw Dezign

15.6.2013 | Art, Concept, Design Feathers by Kate MccGwire

Amazingly intricate sculptures and artworks made by London based artist: Kate MccGwire. Imagine how long it takes her to create these masterpieces…!! Feel Desain. Don’t forget to follow Feeldesain on Twitter + Facebook  + Pinterest to get all the latest updates.
Feathers by Kate MccGwire Feathers by Kate MccGwire