24h Week Month

11.11.2015 | Art, Concept, Photo HONEY ART | BLAKE LITTLE

The artist Blake Little recover with full buckets of honey his subjects, from young babies, to athletes, to 85-year-old women, drenching them in the gooey, golden syrup. For photo series, Preservation, the photographer uses the sticky stuff to capture varying body types, ages, races, and sizes like flies...
PreservationHoney_feelDesain_00 HONEY ART | BLAKE LITTLE

28.10.2015 | Concept, Illustration FOOD ARTIST | SAMANTHA LEE

Creative food artist Samantha Lee composes amazing childish dishes referring to pop culture icons, celebrities or cute settings straight out of her imagination. Samantha’s approach is unique, fuss free and imaginative, using simple tools to create her food artworks. She doesn’t believe in wasting food...
FoodArtist_FeelDesain_00 FOOD ARTIST | SAMANTHA LEE

19.10.2015 | Concept, Photo Tiny PMS Match | Inka Mathew

“Have you ever wonder what PMS (Pantone Matching System) means?”  Well, our artist of the day Inka Mathew. On Tumblr and Instagram dedicated profile of the artist, you can find a colorful gallery, composed of small objects that caught the attention of Inka Mathew during the years. This...
TinyPMS_feeldesain_00 Tiny PMS Match | Inka Mathew