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Candles & Perfumes | L’Atelier des Martyrs

French company L’Atelier des Martyrs was born in the south of France and creates beautiful candles, perfumed envelopes and perfumed sculptures. The products are completely natural, cruelty-free and sustainable, boast unisex scents and are even handmade, and there’s also a beautiful visual identity associated with the French brand. Find out more about  L’Atelier des Martyrs here, or support their campaign on Kickstarter.

Candles_feeldesain_01 Candles_feeldesain_02 Candles_feeldesain_03 Candles_feeldesain_04 Candles_feeldesain_05 Candles_feeldesain_06 Candles_feeldesain_06b Candles_feeldesain_07 Candles_feeldesain_08 Candles_feeldesain_09 Candles_feeldesain_10 Candles_feeldesain_11 Candles_feeldesain_12 Candles_feeldesain_13 Candles_feeldesain_14 Candles_feeldesain_15 Candles_feeldesain_16 Candles_feeldesain_17 Candles_feeldesain_18 Candles_feeldesain_19 Candles_feeldesain_20 Candles_feeldesain_21 Candles_feeldesain_22 Candles_feeldesain_23

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